The Tabernacle School of Evangelism

When permission was given by Government of India to Chikkala's Trust in 2005 to receive foreign funds (under Foreign Currency Regulation Act) to support Baer Christian Hospital, the Trust was asked not to spend any of these funds for religious purposes. Hence, Trust funds are not being used for Tabernacle School of Evangelism.

In 2007, one wing of the old Baer Hospital facility was sufficiently renovated to house a lecture hall. The Tabernacle School of Evangelism was founded. A goal of the hospital project is to hold up the name of Jesus Christ and fulfill, through services of mercy, the Great Commission to bring the Gospel “to all nations.” This school of evangelism will assist in the training of those who will serve as evangelists and Christian trainers throughout the district around Baer Christian Hospital. The Tabernacle School qualifies men and women to carry the saving message of Jesus Christ into their towns and villages. The life-giving message of Christ is at the heart of all that Baer Christian Hospital desires to accomplish through its services to the people of Chriala.

Attending the Tabernacle School of Evangelism were 15 students in 2007 and 12 students in 2008. The staff salaries come from the offerings of English worship Service and funds from Chikkala family but not from funds of Chikkala's Trust or CMAE. Rev. Peter Gera of Andhra Pradesh Bible College sends his college professors to teach occasionally. Rev. George Murdaugh and Dr. Jerry Rausch of Oak Road Lutheran Church also taught in this school.

A special HIV/AIDS seminar was conducted by the school in January 2008. Mr. Frank and Mrs. Joanne De Marco (a Wife and husband team) of Minnesota Teen Challenge developed and taught this Biblically based HIV/AIDS curriculum. The first part of this course dealt with causes, spread, myths and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The second part discussed the opportunity of the Evangelists to reach out to people affected by HIV and explain the salvation through belief in saving Grace of Jesus Christ. The students were provided with brochures explaining all the above points in local language and self-explanatory color pictures. The cost of entire course, travel of teachers from USA, printing of brochures etc. was borne by Mr. Bob Saffrin, a friend of Rev. Peter Gera. Using the same study material and brochures another session was conducted by Dr. Nathaniel F. Chikkala to impart the same knowledge to about fifty local pastors.