How you can get involved

There are various ways you can assist the mission of Baer Christian Hospital and the Chirala Medical and Educational Trust, Inc. If you are a medical professional--doctor in any medical discipline, registered nurse, healthcare manager, or other such related fields, contact Dr. Nathaniel Chikkala, or Dr. Lalitha Chikkala at or and they will share with you how you can become involved.

Should you wish to contribute on a regular basis to the work of Baer Christian Hospital and any of its related missions; such as Priya Home for orphans, or the Chikkala Trust Sarojini Sewing School, please call our number: 678-787-1173 and ask how you can contribute. Additionally, email us at and we will give you all the information you need to make a tax deductable gift to the Chirala Medical and Education Trust, Inc.

It is precisely by your support in kind or financial giving that we can continue to deliver the gifts of healing and hope to the poor in South-Eastern India.